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Bon bini (welcome) to the website of G.N.Art!

Germaine Nijdam has her studio/gallery on Bonaire in Republiek, which is, as they say here on the island, 'on the hill'. Whether you are visiting or living on the island, you are warmly invited to visit her studio/gallery. To see her local driftwood art, her fine art...and to enjoy the view.

"I scavenge for all kinds of driftwood along the beaches of Bonaire. From there I take the treasures home, where I sort them out and arrange them on a concrete floor in the sun, where the driftwood waits for its new destiny. I try to use the driftwood pieces in their natural shape and size, patiently fitting them together and transform them into an amazing piece every time. It's what the sea 'gives' that makes every driftwood object or piece of furniture unique"

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