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G.N. Art stand for Germaine Nijdam Art.

Local artist Germaine Nijdam has been working as an artist on Bonaire since 2001.

Germaine’s work, because of the colors, the materials and shapes has everything to do with Bonaire and the Caribbean.

For example her famous painted Caribbean sea combined with driftwood or her enormous rosaries made with beads and driftwood.

Also great objects for inside or outside your home or office, driftwood framed mirrors or a unique driftwood bench to sit on.

With this art, your home will quickly get a Caribbean feeling and a Beach look. No wonder architects and designers find Germaine’s art for an appropriate addition to a home.

Germaine's Fine Art is full of energy and movement. The paintings stand out for the vibrant colors.

HOUTZEE  (Dutch for Sea of Wood) is Germaine’s brand name for the driftwood objects.


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